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Roulette Croupiers Steal £23K in Casino Scam

Roulette Croupiers Steal £23K in Casino Scam

A court has heard that a group of casino croupiers fixed a roulette wheel in order to steal thousands of pounds. The accused were working at the Coral Island Casino is Blackpool and they reportedly made £23,000 from the scheme.

Casino managers became suspicious that Kevin Traynor’s winnings were disproportionate to his bets and uncovered the scam after reviewing CCTV footage. The table’s croupiers, Craig Walker and Daniel Johnson, were signalling Traynor by scratching their heads whenever they performed a ‘ho spin’, a spin where the ball stays fixed in the same slot. This way Traynor was able to increase his bet and as a result his winnings.

All three of the accused have pleaded guilty. Walker has been jailed for 14 months and Johnson for 12 months. Traynor has been given a nine month sentence suspended for two years and ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.

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