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Miliband Catches Cameron in UK Election Betting

Miliband Catches Cameron in UK Election Betting

A few weeks ago it emerged that the bets being placed suggested that the Conservatives were likely to win the upcoming general election in the UK. However, the latest news from bookies is that Labour is making a strong comeback.

At Ladbrokes both Miliband and Cameron are at 10/11 to be the Prime Minister in the first post-election Queen’s Speech. William Hill still has Cameron in the lead but the gap is quickly narrowing. However, the Conservatives are still the favourites to be the largest party. The reason for Miliband’s resurgence is the strength of the SNP and the fact that there is now a realistic chance of Miliband forming some kind of deal with them.

As a result the election is probably too close to call and punters will be left waiting until the very last minute to see whether they’ve bet the right way.

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