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Hilton Park Lane Casino to Open Rooftop Casino

Hilton Park Lane Casino to Open Rooftop Casino

A significant proportion of gamblers across the world have long been suffering from the indoor smoking ban that is in force at a large number of casinos. But there is now good news for gamblers based in, or visiting, the UK.

The Hilton Park Lane Casino, which opened last year, has announced plans to place gaming tables on a new roof garden extension at the hotel so that gamblers can enjoy a cigarette while they play. According to the hotel’s operations director the ability to smoke whilst gambling is much in demand and the new rooftop is expected to be hugely popular.

The roof will offer gamblers roulette, blackjack, baccarat and three-card poker and it will open to the public next month. However, Westminster Council has banned the casino from playing live or recorded music in case it disturbs local residents.

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