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The Most Outrageous Bets of All Time

The Most Outrageous Bets of All Time

Last week the news broke that a German biologist was ordered by a court in Ravensburg to pay €100,000 after he lost a bet over whether measles was caused by a virus. The bet was won by David Barden who was forced to take biologist Stefan Lanka to court after he refused to pay.

However, this is far from the most outrageous bet of all time. Over the years there have been some truly amazing bets. For instance, Howard Lederer is a primarily known for his poker success but he once won a $10,000 bet over a cheeseburger. When Lederer was ordered to get a gastric band and become vegan to save his life, fellow poker player David Grey bet Lederer that he couldn’t eat a cheeseburger. Of course Lederer did and Grey had to pay up.

Perhaps the most amazing bet was accepted by backgammon player Brian Zembic. Zembic was bet $100,000 by another gambler that he wouldn’t get 38C breast implants and keep them for a year. When Zembic lost some money on the stock market he decided to take up the challenge and successfully won his $100,000.

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