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Top Gear Betting Spree Follows Jeremy Clarkson Fracas

Top Gear Betting Spree Follows Jeremy Clarkson Fracas

Earlier this week it was announced that Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended from Top Gear following a ‘fracas’ with a member of the production team.

Clarkson is alleged to have punched one of the producers when the team returned to the hotel after a day of filming to find that the hotel’s chefs had gone home for the day and there would be no hot food available.

While very few details of the incident are known there is a huge amount of speculation going on regarding the future of the show, whether Clarkson will return and whether the remaining episodes of this series will ever be aired.

However, after the news broke it was just a matter of hours before the bookies had started releasing Top Gear related betting markets. The most popular market is on who would replace Clarkson should he fail to keep his job. The early favourite was presenter Chris Evans who came in at 6/1; however, since then Johnny Vaughan has become the favourite at most bookies and William Hill are offering odds of 9/2.

Bookies are also taking bets on whether Clarkson will keep his job. Initially the odds were at 4/7 but they were cut down to 1/2 since 99% of all the bets placed so far say that he will keep his job. Clearly the odds are still being adjusted as on the market ‘Jeremy Clarkson to Present Any Episode in the 23rd Series of Top Gear?’ the odds on yes are 4/6 while the odds on no are 11/10.

At Betfair punters can also place bets on what they think Jeremy Clarkson’s next job will be. Favourite at 5/2 is a Sky Sports Formula 1 Pundit. Other suggestions include a judge on Britain’s Got Talent (4/1), a Fashion Designed (25/1) or a UN Peace Envoy (100/1).

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