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What Are the Best Slots to Play in Las Vegas?

What Are the Best Slots to Play in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is undoubtedly a paradise for slots players. There are machines everywhere and the larger casinos have them in the thousands. However, this can result in people not knowing where to start and struggling to pick the machines that they will enjoy the most.

One of the most famous slot machines is the Carousel at the Circus Circus casino. The machine actually spins players round as they play the popular penny slots and watch circus acts. However, this may prove a bit disorientating for some.

An ever popular machine is the Magnificent 7’s slot. The machine has a 97.4% payback which has brought it lasting popularity. The $1000 jackpot is regularly hit and players can choose between coin payouts or ticket-in ticket-out payouts.

Players looking for really big wins can take a look at the Quicksilver progressive jackpot. They can be found at the MIRAGE and MGM casinos. The games are excellent for players of all budgets as they accept bets of nickels, quarters and dollars.

Those on a small budget will enjoy the Reel Millions games. Players can choose from loads of different penny slots machines and there is a jackpot of $1 million up for grabs. Similarly the Spin and Win game offers a progressive jackpot which seeds at $500,000 and accepts bets ranging from a quarter all the way up to $5.

If you are after physical prizes rather than cash then the Win a Brand New Camaro game gives players the chance to win a new car and it is one of the most technologically advanced slots around. Finally, fans of Video Poker slots should head to the Golden Nugget where there is a fantastic selection of games.

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