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Bertil Casino’s Movie Mayhem Level 4 Jackpot Exceeds $20K

Bertil Casino’s Movie Mayhem Level 4 Jackpot Exceeds $20K

Players at Bertil Casino could win themselves the Movie Mayhem Level 4 jackpot which is worth more than $20,000 by playing four different video slots.

The jackpot is linked to Fantasy Realm, Outta Space Adventure, Silent Screen and Sunday Afternoon Classics video slots. They are all 5 reel, 25 payline games based upon different film genres, fantasy, sci-fi, silent film and romantic films. In each of the games the jackpot is awarded randomly so players just need to keep playing to win it. However, the larger the bet, the better the chances of winning it.

This jackpot is won extremely regularly, on average about every month and a half and it normally pays out around $16,000. However, it has been over half a year since it was last won so it won’t be long until the next winner comes along.

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