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Redbet Casino’s Hollywood Acclaimed Jackpot Exceeds $17.6K

Redbet Casino’s Hollywood Acclaimed Jackpot Exceeds $17.6K

Head over to Redbet Casino for the chance to win the Hollywood Acclaimed progressive jackpot that is already worth over $17,600 by playing one of a number of video slots.

The Hollywood Acclaimed jackpot can be won by playing Braveheart, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Forrest Gump video slots.

Unsurprisingly these are all video slots based upon the films that they are named after. In all three games the jackpot is won via a bonus round that is triggered randomly. However, placing higher bets increases the chance of triggering the bonus. In the bonus round players pick from a set of 9 film reels and the chosen reels are worth a total of 75 points then the jackpot is won.

This jackpot has been won several times in the past and on average it pays out $15,000 every ten weeks.

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