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Mega Gold and Green Video Slots at 888 Casino Offers $25K

Mega Gold and Green Video Slots at 888 Casino Offers $25K

Members of 888 Casino have the chance to win a progressive jackpot worth over $25,500 by playing Mega Gold and Green video slots.

Mega Gold and Green is a 3 reel, one payline video slot that is based upon classic fruit machines. The slot allows players to bet either 1 or 2 credits worth 50c. To win the jackpot players must bet two credits and land three ‘Mega’ gold and green symbols across the reels. Betting just one credit will win 12,500 credits.

Additionally the game has a wild-multiplier feature, there are two wild symbols and landing them will either double or quadruple the winnings.

This jackpot has been won multiple times over the last few years and once paid out as much as $71,766. However, it can be hit at any time and the next big win is long overdue.

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