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Sky Vegas Chain Reactors Video Slot Jackpot Worth £164,149

Sky Vegas Chain Reactors Video Slot Jackpot Worth £164,149

Players of Chain Reactors video slots at Sky Vegas casino have the chance to win a progressive jackpot that is worth over £164,000 and still growing.

The game is very simple; symbols are dropped from the top of the screen and if five of more of them match in a vertical and/or horizontal cluster then players win a prize. The larger the cluster of symbols the bigger the prize. Furthermore, each time a winning combination appears the symbols disappear and are replaced with new symbols giving the chance to win again. The jackpot is won by matching five of the yellow smiley faces together.

This jackpot has been won twice before and it is due for another payout. Furthermore, each casino which offers this game has its own jackpot pool so players can also play at Betfair Casino where the jackpot is worth just over £161,000.

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