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Betfair Casino Cubes Progressive Jackpot Approaches £280K

Betfair Casino Cubes Progressive Jackpot Approaches £280K

The Betfair Cubes progressive slots jackpot which is only available at Betfair Casino was launched in September and has not yet been won; now it is worth almost £280,000.

Cubes is a 50 payline, 5 reel video slot that is built on a retro theme and features a number of little ball characters. The characters move around the outside of the game as well as inside the reels and when they stop all the combinations are added up. In total there are 50 different combinations that result in payouts. The jackpot is won by landing five of the Betfair Bert symbols anywhere on the reels.

The jackpot seeds at £10,000 so it has massively grown since its launch. Clearly it is an extremely popular game so it can’t be long until a lucky player sees five of the Bert symbols land on their screen.

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