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Betfair Casino Super Trails Jackpot offers £379K Progressive Jackpot

Betfair Casino Super Trails Jackpot offers £379K Progressive Jackpot

The Super Trails progressive slots jackpot which is exclusively available at Betfair Casino has been growing since its launch in September and it is now worth almost £380,000.

Super Trails is an arcade game which features the popular Betfair balls characters that appear in many of the casino’s other games. Super Trails features a 7×7 grid, balls drop from above the grid to populate it. The squares with balls are then revealed and if at least five of the same symbols are revealed touching each other then the player wins a prize. The symbols then pop and new symbols replace them.

The progressive jackpot is won if a player successfully strings together a reaction of 30 or more Betfair Bert symbols while betting at least £0.20 on the game. The game was only launched in September and the jackpot has never been won, but it can’t be long before the first big winner comes along.

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