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£778K Progressive Jackpot for Bouncy Balls Slot at Bet365 Casino

£778K Progressive Jackpot for Bouncy Balls Slot at Bet365 Casino

The progressive jackpot linked to the Bouncy Balls video slot game at Bet365 Casino has been steadily growing and it is now worth almost £780,000.

Bouncy Balls is a slightly untraditional slot game. While it features 5 reels, it doesn’t have any paylines; instead it is exploding balls that win players money. Players need to land five of the same kind of ball in either a horizontal or vertical line. The balls will then explode and they will be replaced with more balls, this continues until no new winning combinations are formed. The progressive jackpot is won by landing eight or more fireball symbols in a row.

This jackpot has been won a few times in the past and once paid out a massive £1,155,394. Most recently it was won in June and the player took home £792,750.

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