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Mid-Life Crisis Progressive Jackpot Approaches $2M at Bodog Casino

Mid-Life Crisis Progressive Jackpot Approaches $2M at Bodog Casino

The Mid-Life Crisis slot game at Bodog Casino has a progressive jackpot on offer which has never been won and is now worth close to $2 million.

Mid-Life Crisis is a 5 reel, 9 payline slot containing all the elements of a midlife crisis. Symbols include sports cars, yachts, money, motorcycles, Viagra pills, Jacuzzis and parachutes. The progress jackpot is won by betting the maximum five credits on all nine paylines and landing five sports cars in a row. While it sounds discouraging that this jackpot has never been won, it has been won at other casinos which offer this game so it will be won eventually.

Amazingly Mid-Life Crisis comes with the option to swap jackpots for prizes, players can choose to claim a sports car of up to $100,000 in value, but with the jackpot currently worth $1.9 million this seems rather unlikely.

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