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New Blackjack21 App Released On Google Play

The top online Blackjack app developed by Asorba Games has garnered 50,000 reviews, with an overwhelming majority of them showering the free game with praise.

With impressive in-game visuals and a table layout that is quite intuitive, the game offers good replay value for those invested in a visual experience. Actions are smooth as well as text notifications across the screen.

Beyond blackjack the game also features mini- or side-games like Scratch and Match and Lucky Wheel, which can reward players with millions of chips if they find themselves a lucky winner.

Games are fresh and new with every hand thanks to the continually circulating player population. It’s a social experience as well as players can communicate between eachoher, trade, send gifts and even challenge others to head’s up Blackjack21.

The app includes hundreds of tables, VIP suites, tournaments and challenges to ensure a healthy variety of entertainment.

OCA News Editor