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Top 10 Strikers in Professional Football

When it comes to strikers, style and tenacity go a long way, but ultimately when you get down to it it’s all about goals, goals, goals. We’ve got our eye on the top 10 best strikers in football right now and they’ve all got impressive scoring records that have enabled them to make our list for best on the pitch.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Despite his tongue twister of a moniker, this Swedish PSG forward delivers time and again with impressive style on top of solid scoring consistently throughout each term. With 61 goals in 70 appearances since joining with PSG in 2012 it’s obvious he can hold his own and justify his near £16 million paycheck.


Sergio Agüero

Currently top scorer in the premier league season, Agüero has put together 12 goals for Manchester City in just a few short months. With 64 goals in 82 appearances since July of 2011, £38 million seems like a small price to pay for consistent quality delivered in fine fashion.


Lionel Messi

What would a top striker list be without Lionel Messi? The Barcelona forward has amassed 9 goals in 14 matches this season alone, with 250 goals in 287 appearances since ’04 when the Argentinian joined the Barcelona squad.


Diego Costa

Brazilian forward for Chelsea, Diego Costa is  on his way to another solid season with 10 goals already amassed in 9 appearances for his new Premier League home. The 26-year-old has a commanding presence at 1.88m, giving him quite the advantage on high-flying crosses and header opportunities.


Alexis Sánchez

Chilean forward for Arsenal Alexis Sánchez is on his way to a top-quality season with 8 goals in 10 appearances already during the Gunners ‘14/’15 season. Sánchez joined the Premier League squad earlier this July with a contract to the tune of £30 million.


Luis Suarez

Suarez earned a lot of flak for his masticating machinations during this year’s world cup competition, but there is no denying his presence on the opponent’s backfield and the anxiety he imparts with his foot on the ball. The 27-year-old Barcelona forward hasn’t put any points on the score card yet for his team in his 3 appearances this season, but his £75 million contract ought to motivate him soon enough.


Jackson Martinez

The FC Porto forward has managed to put away 4 goals in 4 UEFA appearances so far. Last year’s particularly solid season of 34 goals in 43 appearances have only solidified the Colombian’s stature as a top-notch striker. In all he’s put together 54 goals in 70 appearances since signing with Porto in 2012.

Robin Van Persie was rested for Manchester United's midweek win over Real Sociedad

Robin Van Persie

The Dutch forward has been a part of Manchester United since 2012, and since joining up with Man U he’s manages to finish 41 times in 69 appearances. This season has left something to be desired with only 3 goals I 10 appearances during this year’s Premier League season. However, Van Persie’s skill on the field is undeniable and he’s earned his spot on the top strikers list.


Radamel Falcao

Currently on loan at Manchester United, Falcao has put together only 1 goal in his 5 appearances for the team.  The Monaco forward has done fine for his home squad with 11 points to his name in 20 appearances since July 13 of 2013. The 27-year-old has averaged over 3 shots on goal per game, earning him distinction as a force to be reckoned with on the pitch.


Carlos Tevez

The Argentinian Tevez has been performing in fine fashion for Italian club Juventus, adding 8 goals to his tally after 10 appearances this season. Overall he has notched 27 goals in his 44 appearances for the squad while maintaining an imposing force at a distance or from close range.


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