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Bouncy Balls Slots Player Hits £742,039 Jackpot

Bouncy Balls Slots Player Hits £742,039 Jackpot

An online slot player has just hit the jackpot playing Bouncy Balls slot and claimed a massive £742,039.

Bouncy Balls is a fairly untraditional slot in that it doesn’t have any paylines. Instead if five of the same balls are lined up either horizontally or vertically players receive a payout and then the balls explode and new ones take their place, possibly forming another winning combination. The progressive jackpot is won by lining up 8 or more fireball symbols in a row having placed the maximum bet of £10. Players that bet less than £10 still have chance to win a portion of the jackpot, for instance a £1 bet would win 10% of the jackpot.

The Bouncy Balls jackpot isn’t hit very often, about once a year. The largest ever win was £1,155,394 while the smallest was £245,399. On average it pays out just over £700,000.

If you don’t like the sound of Bouncy Balls, the same progressive jackpot is also linked to a couple of other slots, Block Bashers and Fireworkz Blitz. Block Bashers is a prehistoric themed game similar to Bouncy Balls but featuring stones instead of balls. Fireworkz Blitz is also very similar but with fireworks and the jackpot is won by matching 8 red fireworks.

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