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Cash Bomb Slot Jackpot Nears €160,000

Cash Bomb Slot Jackpot Nears €160,000

The Cash Bomb Jackpot at Unibet Casino has been steadily growing and it is now worth just under €160,000.

Cash Bomb is a mini slot game which is really designed for those that are looking for no frills, just the chance of winning big. It is a 3 reel, 1 payline slot, but in the past it has paid out over €300,000. The jackpot is won by landing three of the Cash Bomb symbols on the payline having placed the maximum bet of 3 coins.

This slot has a casino specific jackpot, while it is currently largest at UniBet Casino, at CasinoEuro it is worth almost €145,000 and at Betsson Casino it is worth just over €106,400.

Playing with just 1 or 2 symbols will win pay outs of 2400 or 4800 coins respectively when three Cash Bomb symbols appear. The other symbols in the game include cherries, seven bar, five bar and a golden bell. The cherries are the most valuable standard symbol and they will payout if three of them appear on screen, even if they’re not on the payline.

While Cash Bomb is an extremely simple slot, it does offer some massive wins. The jackpot has been hit in the past and it is bound to be hit again.

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