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Lucky Chest Jackpot Grows Beyond $257,528

Lucky Chest Jackpot Grows Beyond $257,528

The Lucky Chest jackpot is a progressive jackpot tied to a Keno game. The jackpot is separate for every casino that offers the game, but at PartyGaming the jackpot is now worth over $257,500.

Lucky Chest Jackpot Grows Beyond $257,528

The Lucky Chest progressive jackpot at PartyGaming has not been hit in a while and it is now worth over $257,500.

The Keno game is slightly different to most Keno games in that it is based on an ancient Egyptian theme and called the Golden Scarab Progressive Keno. However, the game play is fairly standard. There are 80 numbers for players to choose from and it is necessary to select between 1 and 15. Once the selection is done 20 numbers are randomly drawn and compared to those that have been selected. The win is determined according to how many numbers match.

The Lucky Chest jackpot is actually a four level jackpot and all levels can be won even if players have not selected the correct numbers.

The jackpot is triggered completely randomly so regardless of what sized bet is placed or how many numbers match it is still possible to hit the jackpot.

There are a number of progressive jackpots tied to Keno games but this is by far the largest. Playtech’s Keno game, Megaball, is the next biggest and is currently worth over $205,200.

OCA News Editor