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Marvel Super Power Jackpot Pays Out $63,991

Marvel Super Power Jackpot Pays Out $63,991

The Marvel Super Power jackpot is linked to numerous slot games all based on Marvel comic book themes. It is the second most valuable of four progressive jackpots available through the slots, and on Friday afternoon one lucky player hit the jackpot and collected $63,991.

Marvel Super Power Jackpot Pays Out $63,991

A lucky slots player has hit the jackpot while playing one of the Marvel comic themed games and won the Super Power Jackpot worth $63,991.

There are over 20 of the Marvel comic themed slots including titles such as Blade, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Daredevil and Spiderman. In all of the games the jackpot is won via the same bonus round which is randomly triggered. In the bonus game players need to choose from 20 tiles displayed on the screen. A jackpot is won by picking three identical tiles. The good thing about the bonus game is that once it is triggered players are guaranteed to win one of the jackpots.

The Super Power jackpot is hit extremely regularly and always pays out impressive amounts. For instance, since the player won $63,911 on Friday there has already been another winner that collected $30,976.

On average the jackpot pays out around $40,000 and it seeds at €5,000. The largest amount ever won was $72,040.

OCA News Editor