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Cyberstud Poker Player Wins $170,169 Progressive Jackpot

Cyberstud Poker Player Wins $170,169 Progressive Jackpot

A player of Cyberstud Poker has won the game’s progressive jackpot and walked away with $170,169.

Cyberstud Poker Player Wins $170,169 Progressive Jackpot

A player of the online poker progressive jackpot game Cyberstud Poker has won its progressive jackpot worth $170,169.

Cyberstud Poker is Microgaming’s version of the popular Caribbean Stud Poker game. The jackpot is won if a royal flush of any suit is dealt when an additional side bet has been placed alongside the ante.
Placing this side bet can also result in smaller payouts. Being dealt a straight flush pays out a fixed $20,000, four of a kind pays $500, a full house pays $100 and a flush pays $50.

This jackpot is not won very regularly, on average every 48 weeks, or about once a year. The win earlier this week was the largest amount it had paid out.

The second largest amount, which was also the last time the jackpot was hit, was back in October 2012 when a player won $154,561. The jackpot seeds at $50,000 and on average it pays out around $110,000. The smallest amount ever won was $53,455.

However, the smaller pay outs are far more regular, as is the $20,000 for the straight flush. As a result the game is fairly popular amongst poker fans and the jackpot always grows at a steady pace.

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