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Celebrity Big Brother Causes Controversy in Week 1

Celebrity Big Brother Causes Controversy in Week 1

Last week saw the start of Celebrity Big Brother with 14 television, sports and music stars entering the house. Kellie Maloney is an early favourite to win, followed by George Gilbey and Gary Busey, the least popular this week was Ricci Guarnaccio.

Celebrity Big Brother Causes Controversy in Week 1

The first week of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother is nearly at an end and already drama is unfolding in the house.

While they have only been there since the evening of Monday, 18 August, already there has been some major drama between Gary Busey and James Jordan. Busey, known for films such as Lethal Weapon, began quizzing James Jordan, a professional dancer, about his sexuality after walking in on him roleplaying with Leslie Jordan. James, who has been married for 11 years, told Gary that he wasn’t gay but doesn’t mind being silly. Gary continued to pester James until James lost his temper.

The incident has caused uproar in the UK’s gay community and Busey’s popularity ratings have been falling fast all week.

While he was third favourite to win at the start of the series, this is sure to change if things continue in the same manner.

This year’s series has drawn particular attention from the gay community due to the presence of transgender Kellie Maloney, a former UKIP candidate and boxing promoter.

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