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Millionaire Genie Jackpot Grows Beyond $1.5 Million

Millionaire Genie Jackpot Grows Beyond $1.5 Million

The Millionaire Genie jackpot has been growing for just over 2 months and is now worth a massive $1,569,809.

Millionaire Genie Jackpot Grows Beyond $1.5 Million

The Millionaire Genie jackpot, available exclusively at 888 Casino, has grown beyond $1.5 million.

The slot is only available at 888 Casino, but it regularly pays out vast sums of money. Two months ago one player won $1.6 million while four and a half months ago another player won just under $2.5 million. The largest amount won was $3,729,070.

To win the jackpot players need to place the maximum bet of 3 coins per spin. It is a classic game so it only has one payline. However, it allows for an infinite repetition of bonus rounds. When the Millionaire Genie symbol is spun on the third reel it triggers the bonus scratch card game.

Players need to scratch three circles and will win the total of all the sums revealed. If three identical amounts are revealed then players can play the bonus game again.

The jackpot is won by spinning three of the genie symbols with the maximum bet. Without the maximum bet it is still possible to win up to 150,000 coins, but this is far less than the jackpot is worth.
To keep the game interesting players can also change the look of the slot machine. It is possible to change the theme of the game and all the symbols on the reels, but the chances of winning remain the same.

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