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Gold Mega Jackpot Pays Out $623,214

Gold Mega Jackpot Pays Out $623,214

The Gold Mega jackpot, which is exclusively available at Party Casino, is always extremely lucrative and it has just paid one player $623,214.

Gold Mega Jackpot Pays Out $623,214

A lucky player at Party Casino hit the jackpot playing one of the Gold Mega slots and took home an impressive $623,214.

Gold Mega is one of four jackpots that can be won while playing various slots at Party Casino. Each of the slots linked to the jackpot have a Jackpot Feature Game which determines which jackpot level is won. In the bonus game players must click on 6 of 9 symbols to reveal dollar signs.

Each dollar sign is linked to a different level of jackpot and to win the Mega jackpot four dollar signs linked to it are needed.

It is possible to win the jackpot with any size bet, but the higher the bet the better the chances of reaching the jackpot game.

The jackpot seems to pay out about once a month and the highest it has paid out is $1,985,920. Furthermore, it seeds at half a million dollars so it is always going to be worth winning.

As mentioned the jackpot is linked to numerous slots, they are: Tornadough, The Sting, Dragon’s Hoard, Hawaiian Madness, Super Star, Super Joker, Super Fortune Wheel, Super Mystic and Mega Fortune Wheel.

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