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Pirate Plunder Slot Now Worth £1.4 Million in Treasure

Pirate Plunder Slot Now Worth £1.4 Million in Treasure

Pirate Plunder from Virtual Fusion now has a progressive jackpot worth over £1.4 million on offer and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Pirate Plunder is a 5 reel, 15 paylines slot which in some ways is extremely simple, but it does offer huge payouts.

Pirate Plunder Slot Now Worth £1.4 Million in Treasure

Spin five of the pirate’s treasure chests in Pirate Plunder slot to win the ever growing £1.4 million jackpot.

The trick to winning the progressive jackpot is to spin five of the treasure chest symbols on an active payline. What’s nice about Pirate Plunder is that you do not need to place the maximum bet in order to win a share of the progressive jackpot. Regardless of what size bet you place, if you spin five treasure chests you will win a portion of the jackpot.

However, in order to win the entire jackpot it is necessary to bet the maximum £1 per line, betting 50p per line will win 50% of the jackpot while 10p per line would win 10% of the jackpot.

There is usually a hit on this jackpot every two weeks or so and the average win is just over £100,000. In the last year it has been hit a total of 56 times which proves just how often it pays out. At the same time it seems that not many players are willing to risk the maximum bet as the largest ever payout was £326,752.51. Nonetheless, at some point someone is bound to place a £1 bet and hit it lucky to claim the £1.4 million.

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