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Tiki Temple 1p Slot Pays Out £22k Jackpot Once Again

Tiki Temple 1p Slot Pays Out £22k Jackpot Once Again

Two weeks ago we reported that Tiki Temple 1p had rewarded a lucky player with a £24,000 jackpot and predicted that it would do the same within days. Just under two weeks later another lucky player has hit the jackpot on this lucrative game and taken home a prize of £21,812.

Tiki Temple 1p Slot Pays Out £22k Jackpot Once Again

Tiki Temple Slots continue to be some of the most lucrative games around after rewarding another player with a jackpot of £21,812.

However, we haven’t reported on all the wins that have taken place over the last few weeks. Nine days ago one player won £18,000 but even more impressively another won £43,167 just four days ago. This should give you an idea of just how lucrative Tiki Temple can be, and best of all it costs just 1p to play.

For those that need a quick recap, Tiki Temple is a jungle adventure featuring a variety of humorous symbols such as Pancho the Parrot, three shrunken heads, a watermelon, an orange and some flowers. There are also scatter symbols which award free spins and a fun bonus game.

Spin three of the Bonus Tiki Idol symbol to launch the jackpot game.

Navigate your way through three paths and find the Tiki Temple, once there you have to pick the check which contains the jackpot. As mentioned this jackpot is won extremely regularly so be sure to check it out as soon as possible.

OCA News Editor