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Millionaire’s Club Jackpot Currently At $1.4 Million

Millionaire’s Club Jackpot Currently At $1.4 Million

If you want to make money and you enjoy playing video slots online, then Millionaire’s Club could be the answer.

Millionaire’s Club Jackpot Currently At $1.4 Million

Cryptologic’s progressive jackpot game, Millionaire’s Club, is ready to burst and to pay out over $1.4 million.

This popular progressive jackpot game from Cryptologic is well-known for paying out millions in jackpot prizes, with over $23 million already paid out to date.

Millionaire’s Club is a 5-reel, nine-line progressive slot machine which offers players the choice of several coin values.

This online video slot game offers a variety of millionaire symbols including fancy cars, diamonds, jewelry, helicopters and much more.

Once you spin the reels, wins are paid out from left to right. This exciting game also offers the Millionaire’s Club scatter symbols and if these symbols appear on reels 1, 3 and 5, the bonus game is triggered.

This bonus game presents players with a money wheel application which has three circles that spin independently.

Once the outer circle lands on a number, your wager is then multiplied by this number. If the outer circle lands on an arrow, then the second wheel will spin and so it will continue to the third wheel.

The only way to win the big jackpot prize is when the outer circle lands on a number. At this stage, you can either opt to take the prize or to spin again.

The bonus feature will then end if you land on ‘B’ for bust, if you get to the center circle, you opt to collect a cash prize or if you hit the big jackpot!

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