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James Bond Starts Shooting in December 2014

James Bond Starts Shooting in December 2014

The next chapter of the Bond franchise, currently entitled Bond 24, will begin shooting in December, according to Ralph Fiennes.

Outside of this, no one else close to the film is releasing much information except that is expected in theatres 5 November 2015.

James Bond Starts Shooting in December 2014

The next thrilling episode of James Bond starts shooting in December with Sam Mendes back at the helm.

Sam Mendes, who directed Skyfall, is returning to direct the movie, along with Bond screenwriter, John Logan.

On the cinematography side, Roger Deakins will not be shooting Bond 24. But the most important face that will be returning is Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Penelope Cruz will also be starring.

Screen writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are back on the scene to bring the same mix of danger, thrills and humor that made Skyfall such a success.

It’s also been reported that multiple rewrites have already taken place to date and that this is the reason for the delay in the start of production.

These delays may be bad for the Bond 24 production but they certainly take some of the pressure off Sam Mendes for now while he attends to his theatre commitments.

The question on many people’s minds is, will Bond 24 make it to the big screen on time for its November 5th, 2015 release based on the fact that a year is a tight squeeze to produce a Bond masterpiece.
Only time will tell.

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