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10-Line Jacks Or Better Just Paid Out More Than $15k

10-Line Jacks Or Better Just Paid Out More Than $15k

A game where players can enjoy 10 hands of poker in one go, 10-Line Jacks or Better rewards players with an entertaining version of poker that also offers a progressive jackpot.

10-Line Jacks Or Better Just Paid Out More Than $15k

One lucky video poker player just had an amazing hand totalling more than $15,000 on 10-Line Jacks or Better.

On average the game pays out a massive sum every 18 days to the tune of about $11,164. While it may not be the biggest sum around, this jackpot is still large enough to make a big impact on anyone’s pocket book.

Created by Playtech, 10-Line Jacks or Better is one of the most popular video poker games being played today. Traditionally players have only 5 cards to work with in each hand dealt, but with 10-Line Jacks or Better players have a much better chances to put together a winning hand that may result in some serious rewards.

The biggest win recorded on this game so far has been $35,153, with 42 recorded wins occurring last year alone.

With an incredibly straight forward style of play, attractive graphics and atmosphere, and an intuitive layout. Players from every background can compete for a moderately large jackpot with very affordable antes. Don’t miss out on an easy poker jackpot, this video poker game pays often and generously.

OCA News Editor