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Everybody’s Jackpot Slot Just Paid Out A $408,126 Progressive Jackpot

Everybody’s Jackpot Slot Just Paid Out A $408,126 Progressive Jackpot

Playtech powered casinos across the internet offer the very popular Everybody’s Jackpot progressive jackpot slot and it pays to play.

A 3×3 slot with eight paylines, this game revolves around the game show theme and provides incredible entertainment in its compact presentation.

Everybody’s Jackpot Slot Just Paid Out A $408,126 Progressive Jackpot

In a game that truly rewards everyone who plays for the jackpot, Everybody’s Jackpot has just given out hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The most recent progressive jackpot payout awarded several players a portion of the more than $400,000 payout. The way the jackpot is split is that players must wager a minimum amount to qualify for a piece of the prize, should it be won. When one lucky player strikes it rich, the pot is split among every qualifying player.

The winner receives 70% of the payout while the remaining 30% is divvied up among the remaining players.

On average, the game pays out a jackpot every 13 days with an average win amount of $318,141. The highest ever recorded payout came to $553,449 in November of 2013.

The game has a unique take on social gaming in an online casino environment and most players will agree that Playtech developed something special when they went to the drawing board with the Everybody’s Jackpot slot.

Join the game and throw your name into the payout list whenever you play, just in case someone should happen to win while you’re playing.

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