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Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot Just Paid $302,986

A linked jackpot throughout several slots, the Marvel Power Ultimate Jackpot just paid one lucky player a massive $302,986

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The Marvel Ultimate Power progressive jackpot has just been won, rewarding one lucky player with $302,986.

Playtech’s Marvel slots are among the most popular in the online casino community. This isn’t just due to their incredible graphics and sounds, or their superhero characters that fans all over the world love. The four separate progressive jackpots are by far one of the biggest draws.

These games are available in all online casinos that are powered by Playtech software and the Ultimate Power jackpot is the highest prize available on Marvel games.

Yesterday, one lucky player received a life-changing sum of money when their spin resulted in a random jackpot bonus game, and because they wagered the maximum amount on that spin, they qualified for the Ultimate Power jackpot.

With 19 recorded wins and an average jackpot amount of $734,911, this jackpot pays often and well. The biggest ever recorded win came in at $1,365,801 and is won every 10 weeks on average.

Games featuring the Marvel jackpots are Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Blade, X-Men, Elektra, Iron Man I & II, and Incredible Hulk slots.

While the jackpot game appears at random on each of these slots, a player’s chances of unlocking the feature get better the more they wager each spin.

OCA News Editor