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Play The £2.1m UK’s National Lottery Draw Wednesday

Lotto Roundup – The Latest Jackpot News

Now is the time to pick your numbers in preparation for the Wednesday drawing the UK national Lottery. This round’s prize total is worth a substantial £2.1 million and if it isn’t won this round, it will continue to grow until it has been claimed. Last week one National Lottery ticket holder won a staggering £3,574,539 jackpot prize.

UK National lottery reaches  £2.1m for Wednesday's draw

This is the UK’s biggest millionaire-making numbers game and couldn’t be easier to play. All players have to do is purchase a £2 ticket and select six numbers, ranging between 1-49. The draw itself takes place every Wednesday and Saturday, for two opportunities to win each week.

An additional number is drawn along with a ticket’s six main numbers. Should a player be fortunate enough to match all six plus the extra, they’ll be in for an even bigger payout.

The lotto raffle includes 50 prizes totalling £20,000 each as well. This and many more lotto games, like the EuroMillions, Thunderball and Lotto Hotpicks are available to be played every week and offer the opportunity for everyday players to become millionaires overnight.

Buy your ticket online or from a licensed retailer, either way, don’t pass on this opportunity to change your life with a lotto win this Wednesday by playing the UK National Lottery.


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