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Channel 5 Did Not Breach ASA Rules

Channel 5 Did Not Breach ASA Rules

While broadcasting a program called ‘My Spiral into Debt Hell’, Channel 5 ran a variety of ads for gambling companies during three ad breaks.

Channel 5 Did Not Breach ASA Rules

The Advertising Standards Authority received complaints regarding gambling ads that Channel 5 broadcast.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received 13 complaints regarding these ads, with complainants stating that the ads were inappropriate in relation to the show.

The broadcasted adverts focused mainly on people who were suffering from debt problems as a result of a gambling problem.

One ad featured an online gambler who had lost everything, his home, job and family, as a result of gambling.

At the end of each of the three ad breaks, Channel 5 also included commercials for and Rush Poker Mobile.

In their defense, Channel 5 stated that the ads focused on what damage gambling can do and that it could result in debt.

After an investigation, the ASA ruled that the TV ads broadcast by Channel 5 were in fact not in breach of the ASA’s social responsibility and scheduling rules.

The ASA stated, “We acknowledged that the ads for online gambling were incongruous with the program content. But [we] considered the scheduling of those ads around the program was not irresponsible, or an unsuitable juxtaposition that was likely to cause distress or offence to viewers.”

Based on this, the complaints against Channel 5 were dismissed.

OCA News Editor