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Odds Are USA Will See A Female President Take Office Next Term

Already entertaining odds on the next presidential race, online bookmakers paint a picture of the2016 presidential election that puts Hilary Clinton in the foreground.

Just two short years away and with current president, Barak Obama, stepping out of the oval office, bookies are speculating who will be next to take up the charge of most powerful man, or woman, in the world.

Odds Are USA Will See A Female President Take Office Next Term

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton tops several lists as the 2016 presidential pick.

Two of the world’s top bookmakers, Bet365 and William Hill, place Hillary Clinton as the fore runner for president come 2016. However, Ladbrokes doesn’t even place her in the running.

Take a look at what these top online sportsbooks are offering by way of US presidential election hopefuls:

William Hill: Hilary Clinton 5/4, Marco Rubio 9/1, Jeb Bush 10/1, Chris Christie 12/1, Elizabeth Warren 16/1

Ladbrokes: Marco Rubio 5/1, Chris Christie 5/1, Jeb Bush 6/1, Paul Ryan 8/1, Rand Paul 8/1

Bet365: Hilary Clinton 5/4, Chris Christie 9/1, Marco Rubio 10/1, Jeb Bush 11/1, Joseph Biden 11/1 Hilary Clinton 11/8, Marco Rubio 1/10, Chris Christie 12/1, Jeb Bush 14/1, Paul Ryan 20/1

While Hilary may be the favourite, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are still high on everyone’s list. Not only this, but anything can happen on the campaign trail to upset these bookmakers’ top picks.

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