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Latest Sword & Poker Mobile Game Soft-Launched in Singapore

Latest Sword & Poker Mobile Game Soft-Launched in Singapore

‘Sword & Poker’, a franchise offering a mixture of RPG like progression and a poker-like gameplay, has had a jagged history over the last few years.

 Latest Sword & Poker Mobile Game Soft-Launched in Singapore

A brand new mobile game in the Sword & Poker franchise was soft-launched in Singapore by Konami.

First launched in January 2010, the popular mobile game was quickly followed by a sequel, ‘Sword & Poker 2’, both of which were available from the App Store throughout the year.

Unfortunately, the games then disappeared and reappeared erratically a few times until their final demise in 2013. The games haven’t been updated since their launch in 2010.

The Konami owned franchise is now getting a second chance with a brand new game titled ‘Swords & Poker Adventures’ soon to be launched worldwide.

At present there has only been a soft launch in Singapore and the creators of the game are gathering feedback as to how it can be improved. The product was also introduced at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference in early June where experts had the chance to preview the game.

Reports showed a promising game but there are a few tweaks needed to be made by Konami so that ‘Swords & Poker Adventures’ can become a successful successor to the original ‘Sword & Poker’ mobile games.

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