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Ladbrokes Ad Promotes Sensible Betting

Ladbrokes, one of Britain’s most popular betting and gaming operators, has launched a new advert that takes a revolutionary approach to marketing.

In the 30 second video ad a young man is shown losing his bet after an unfortunate turn of sporting events. Despite his bad fortune “Mr Brightside” is not left distraught and his life savings are certainly not on the line as he “only betted a few quid”.

The advert closes with a message asking Ladbrokes customers to bet responsibly.

As criticism of gambling companies is becoming ever more vocal, Ladbrokes made a bold move and launched an ad that portrays the betting station as a safe environment where Ladbrokes customers are encouraged to have fun but also reminded of the potential hazards gambling entails.

Ladbrokes is now aligning itself with platforms such as Gamble Aware in order to make information on problem gambling and ways to seek help available for the public.

Ladbrokes has also been applauded for the way in which it portrays gambling as a normal everyday activity without glamorizing the subject. By seeing adverts such as that of Ladbrokes’, problem gamblers can feel like there are others who face similar problems and could possibly seek help sooner.

OCA News Editor