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Online Gambling Changing the Nature of the Internet

Online Gambling Changing the Nature of the Internet

Matthew Katz, the founder and CEO of Central Account Management System (CAMS), has said that the online gambling industry “is forcing a massive change in how the internet works.”

Online Gambling Changing the Nature of the Internet

As online gambling requires the location and identity of players to be verified the internet will become less and less of a network without borders.

CAMS is central to payment processing and player verification in New Jersey. Katz believes that the requirement for New Jersey online casinos to be certain of a player’s age and location is changing the internet from a network without borders to one that independently verifies exactly where and who its users are.

Katz said, “The whole concept of the Internet, when it was created, is it’s everywhere. Now, we have an industry coming into play where borders are critically important for making sure the operators adhere to state law. That’s a significant change in the Internet — from anonymity to full transparency, from no validation to a true validation that’s applicable under state law.”

He believes that these changes will be a test for future taxation across the internet. As legal online gambling spreads across the state, it will cause a faster rate of change. Online gambling looks set to come to Pennsylvania in the coming years and possibly New York, California, Mississippi, Iowa and Illinois.

OCA News Editor