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Ultimate Poker NJ Launches New Promotion

Ultimate Poker NJ Launches New Promotion

If you haven’t heard about the ‘Cash Game Crazy’ promotion, you could be missing out.

Ultimate Poker NJ launched this promotion last Monday and it has been dubbed the ‘most aggressive promotion’ in the history of regulated gambling in the state.

Ultimate Poker NJ Launches New Promotion

The latest promotion by Ultimate Poker NJ is considered to be the most aggressive casino promotion to date.

Available only on the Garden State’s version of software, players who reach a predetermined loyalty tier on the site, will be able to enjoy up to 100% rakeback on all ring games. This does not include entry fees into tournaments or Sit & Go.

This promotion is valid until the 31st of July.

While it is quite clear that Ultimate Poker NJ is using this promotion as a way to attract traffic and to boost cash liquidity, the long term benefits could be limited unless the site uses this time to roll out software upgrades and additional features.

If you want to join in on the Cash Game Crazy promotion, you need to reach the third loyalty tier, or Green Chip. This simply requires a $10 deposit to qualify.

Ultimate Poker will then award you 10 XP for every dollar you pay in rake and tournament fees.

But before you get excited, it is important to note that the small print of the promotion clearly states that players only receive XP for pots they win and this is not paid back in cash.

Instead, players will receive the in-game currency, or U$, used by Ultimate Poker. The upside though is that if you win a tournament, you will be paid in cash.

The only other downside to this new promotion is that for every 1,000 U-points you earn during the promotion, you have to cede US$1.

Now that you have the pros and cons, why not give Cash Game Crazy a try and make some real cash.

OCA News Editor