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Molly Bloom Reveals Secrets of Hollywood Poker Players

Molly Bloom Reveals Secrets of Hollywood Poker Players

Hollywood seems to have it all including high-stakes, A-list poker games. Just ask Molly Bloom.

In her new book, Molly’s Game, Bloom reveals the secrets of top Hollywood stars who have participated in the underground poker games that she has organized. These games have been known to have over $2 million in play.

Bloom, a 36-year old Colorado native, arrived in Los Angeles at the age of 26. Within a few short years, she became the ‘gatekeeper’ to one of the most exclusive poker games in the world. In her book, Bloom reveals how top celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tobey Maguire turned up at her games including other Hollywood elite, pro athletes and billionaires.

In her book, Bloom mentions that DiCaprio was not a regular player and that Tobey brought him to the game simply to attract other players. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck brought Matt Damon to a game only once and Bloom commented about how genuine and down-to-earth Matt is.

Last year Bloom was arrested in New York by the FBI and she was charged for hosting and profiting from illegal poker games. She pleaded guilty and was required to pay a fine of $125,000 and was sentenced to a year of probation. Blooms new book, Molly’s Game, was released this Tuesday.

OCA News Editor