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Sports Illustrated Reveals Real Money Fantasy Sports Betting

Sports Illustrated Reveals Real Money Fantasy Sports Betting

The emergence of mobile gambling and fantasy sports has meant that media outlets such as Sports Illustrated (SI) have had to have a rethink.

As a result SI has completely re-designed its website, created a new fantasy app which supports real-money gambling and will soon be revealing a live streaming video service.

Sports Illustrated Reveals Real Money Fantasy Sports Betting

In order to try and generate new revenue Sports Illustrated is releasing a new mobile app which will allow real-money fantasy sports betting.

SI publisher Brendan Rippo said, “With consumers flocking [to mobile], with advertising dollars flocking there, what we wanted to build … is a successful mobile plan so that the consumer will consume our content across any device including desktop and come away with a positive experience with the right advertising built into it.”

According to the general manger of SI digital the new product is the result of collaboration between “Sales, marketing, edit, the product and dev teams, everybody sitting down together and scoping out ‘What should this be?’”

As part of the re-design SI is re-launching its Fan Nation vertical with a new daily fantasy app. The app has been built together with TopLine Game Labs and will allow people to challenge their friends to single-day matchups and put real money on the line.

Recent years have seen single-day fantasy grow as websites such as DraftStreet offer people the chance to play for money. SI is now hoping to capitalize on this trend and will be taking a small percentage of each bet placed through the app.

OCA News Editor