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The selection of Best World Cup related commercials

The selection of Best World Cup related commercials

Today, more than ever, the world has gone viral. Social networks have taken over our lives, everyone has a camera phone, and most of us care to use it to record what is happening moment after moment. Today we present you with a selection of clips that would go perfectly along with the ongoing World Cup, some of those are simply a “must see”.

Long before the World Cup large companies invested millions of dollars over the past few months in creation of the perfect football commercials with the biggest names in the industry. So, let’s see what they achieved.

  • Nike are known for making great commercials, so we’ll give them the right to open this column. Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and others star in the next section, the so-called “winner stays”. Would you believe us, If we said that more than 73 million people have already watched it?
  • “The game before the game”: a short film starring Neymar in five minutes of a Dr. Dre Beats
  • One of the most beautiful commercials featuring Brazilian bank Itau, the official bank of the World Cup, showing the transformation of the country for this great event.
  • United States comes to this tournament with a lot of expectations, despite being placed in a difficult group. ESPN also has quite a few expectations, judging by this commercial, entitled “I Believe”
  • Since we’re dealing with ESPN commercials – Americans never miss the chance to make fun of England team’s lack of luck.
  • By the end of 2013, Adidas released the official WC ball advertisement. Four million people watched it, and we do not blame them.
  • One of our most favorite commercials belongs to the Brazilian airline TAM, sending out the message: Do not worry, we’ll bring all the stars of the teams to Brazil.
  • Pepsi has succeeded where other big companies have failed, and achieved Lionel Messi for this advertisement.
  • But with all due respect to the few seconds, during which Messi stars in a commercial for Pepsi, the commercial from Adidas centered around him. Looks likemhe’s as great on ice as he is on the grass.
  • One of our favorite commercials belongs to McDonald’s. Do you happen to know the artists of freestyle that dribble a ball or make it bounce in various ways in the streets? Well, it turns out that a lot of people like that, ranging from children to elderly, men to women.
  • Remember the advertisements of Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant? Well, that’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Pele, for the Emirates Airline, a little reminiscent of the previous hit.
  • We conclude with what is apparently the most invested ad: Again this is Nike, Ronaldo again, and this time he and the squad of superstars to save the world of football. Do not miss:

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