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Oxford Loses to Cambridge in Varsity Poker Match

Oxford Loses to Cambridge in Varsity Poker Match

It seems that Cambridge and Oxford students are always battling it out when it comes to their long tradition of rivalry.

Oxford Loses to Cambridge in Varsity Poker Match

Cambridge came out on top, beating Oxford at the Varsity Poker Match.

Last weekend, 7-8 June, students from both Cambridge and Oxford went head-to-head in two tournaments sponsored by Full Tilt Poker.

The Varsity Poker Match featured 6 players on each side. Cambridge took the lead in the heads-up shootout matches which determined the starting stacks of players in the competition.

Yousisif Moneimne was the last man standing for Oxford but after he got kicked out, the last four team mates of Cambridge battled it out with Cambridge captain Mark Hammond taking all the chips in the end.

After the Varsity Match, the 12th Annual Oxford Cup took place with 153 participants. In the end, it was Rick Hawkins, an Oxford local who walked away with the prize pool of £4,500.

Initially, the Oxford Cup was started as a tournament only for students. Over time, this event has started to attract big names such as Gus Hansen, Tony G. and Phil Hellmuth.

With Cambridge taking the glory this year, Oxford will have to wait until next year’s Varsity Poker Match tournament for the opportunity of a rematch.

OCA News Editor