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Video Gaming May Come to Las Vegas Casinos

Video Gaming May Come to Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas casinos have for a long while been diversifying their entertainment offerings in order to attract those who aren’t interested in slot machines. Now the Nevada Gaming Commission wants to start diversifying the games on offer as well.

Video Gaming May Come to Las Vegas Casinos

The Nevada Gaming Commission is seeking a change in the law which would allow it to incorporate skill-based video games into slot machines.

The Commission wishes to start gambling on video gaming which it says is essentially a form of skill gaming for money.

The Commission is pushing for Nevada to change its laws so that it could find new ways to expand the gaming market.

A proposal for skill-based games in casinos has been put forward by Dan Raeser, a Reno-based lawyer who recommended that a study was carried out to examine the impact of technology upon gaming.

Reaser said that his proposal would “expand the authority of the Nevada Gaming Commission to promulgate regulations that encourage development and deployment of gaming devices incorporating innovative, alternative and advanced technologies.”

At present skill-gaming in casinos is problematic as the law states that the odds to win must be the same for all players. Part of Reaser’s proposal would allow odds to change and by incorporating skill-gaming it would allow frequent customers to improve their odds by working on their gaming skills.

OCA News Editor