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GPI Introduces the World Cup of Poker

GPI Introduces the World Cup of Poker

Fans of poker and the FIFA World Cup will soon be able to enjoy the best of both worlds as the Global Poker Index announced that is it launching a brand new competition in 2015.

GPI Introduces the World Cup of Poker

GPI launches Global Poker Masters, a world-cup style poker tournament starting in 2015.

The Global Poker Masters will boast a Multi-round Sit’N’Go Invitation-Only Tournament and it’s hoping that the $10,000 buy-in and $100,000 added cash prize will make GPM the world cup of the gambling world.

The competition will feature players from across the globe with a live tournament aimed at finding the best poker playing country in the world. Only the top nine ranking countries will qualify to enter the final stage of the competition with the four highest ranking players taking part from each country. GPI promises an action packed tournament that will be player-centric and easy to follow live.

Alex Dreyfus, CEO of GPI said, “Despite Live Poker consistently growing in popularity during the past decade (roughly 15% year over year), we believe we’re on the eve of a second poker boom thanks to the impending regulation and re-emergence of online poker in the United States… The time is right to launch the Global Poker Masters because it is capable of doing exactly that. It gives the best of the breed from the world’s top poker nations a stage to compete on, and it’s an intriguing performance-based format to support”.

OCA News Editor