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8 Hot Tips of Poker Etiquette You Have to Abide By

8 Hot Tips of Poker Etiquette You Have to Abide By

If you are a regular poker player, then you probably already know the rules of the game.

8 Hot Tips of Poker Etiquette You Have to Abide By

While playing poker has its fixed rules, there is also poker etiquette which you need to take into consideration.

But there is more to poker playing then simply the rules of which hand beats which etc. Poker etiquette forms a vital part of this exciting game too and if you want to be a successful asset to the poker table, you better ensure that you are abiding by these 8 tips too. So let’s get started.

Good, Clean and Fresh
While this tip might sound pretty obvious, playing a live poker game means sitting quite close to other players. In the same way you wouldn’t like a smelly player sitting next to you, be considerate, take a shower, put on some clean clothes, pop some chewing gum into your mouth to freshen up your breath and head for the nearest poker table.

Some Humble Pie
It’s great to win a good hand of poker but remember that there are probably others at the table that lost some money. Celebrate your win with a little smile instead of with a dance on the table.

Angle Shooting is Not Okay
In case you didn’t know, angle shooting refers to trying to bend the rules so you can put yourself at an advantage. You know what I’m talking about; something like when you pretend to be pushing all your chips in simply to see how others at the table will react. The bottom line is this isn’t cool and your fellow poker players are not going to tolerate it so don’t do it.

No Slow Motion
When you take your time to reveal your cards, especially when you have a power hand, this is referred to as slowrolling. The bottom line is – don’t do it. It is unnecessary and it will simply irritate the other players.

Leave the Dealer Alone
Get off the dealer’s back. Don’t berate them and certainly don’t blame them for your losing hands. Remember that a happy dealer is a fast dealer so get off the dealer’s case and let them do their job.

Wait Your Turn
Everybody at the poker table will get their turn to play and so too will you. So wait patiently and don’t act out of turn. When you do, you could alter the outcome of how a hand would have been played out and this is definitely not good for you or the other players.

Be Quiet
While it is easy to give your fellow players some running commentary about your hand, don’t talk about the hand that’s in progress. You don’t need to be letting other players know what you could have held. Keep quiet and focus on the game.

Throwing Punches
We all know that there is often that one over-bearing player at the table who constantly talks and over-celebrates his wins. While you might want to simply knock him out and put the table out of their misery, don’t. Even when the going gets tough and you lose a hand because of another player, keep your hands to yourself and don’t throw any punches.

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