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Need to Relax? Try Online Poker

Need to Relax? Try Online Poker

Until now, I am sure you have heard that scientific studies have warned about the addictive nature of online poker.

Need to Relax? Try Online Poker

Canadian scientists have uncovered the benefits of online poker including stress reduction and management.

Canadian scientists, however, beg to differ and they see this exciting form of online gambling as a stress remedy.

According to their study, the stress hormone or cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal gland in the body and which reacts to anxiety and stress, drops up to 17% when one is playing a game of online poker.

When cortisol is released into the blood stream, blood sugar levels and blood pressure rises. This plays a major part in the fight or flight response to stress.

Scientists have hypothesized that since players need to focus on the game while playing poker, they are more likely to forget about their stress about other daily activities.

While many have said that online poker causes possible addiction and encourages crime, this opposition has failed to focus on the smaller details and benefits of online poker.

With this new study, the positive effects of poker have now been highlighted and this could impact the push to legalize this form of online gambling in the U.S.

The study’s findings were released at the same time as the announcement of the formation of a new legislation to assist in the legalization of online poker.

OCA News Editor