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Zynga Launches Hit It Rich Casino Slots on Google Play

Zynga Launches Hit It Rich Casino Slots on Google Play

At the end of last week Zynga announced the launch of Hit it Rich Casino Slots for Android. The game is already available on iOS and Facebook and it is now available via the Google Play store.

Hit it Rich Casino Slots gives players access to various slot games. The slots are built on themes such as pop culture and movies, for instance, Duck Dynasty, The Wizard of Oz, The Terminator and FarmVille 2.

In the casino players can spin the slots around 40 million times per day, it is also possible to send over 250,000 gifts to friends each day. The game has over 2.1 million active monthly users on Facebook. In a recent study of players Zynga found that about 30% of players started their day by playing the game and 31% said they played just before going to bed. Furthermore, the study found that 19% of players played throughout the day and 14% played at work. Collectively the player base spent about 70,000 hours a day on the game.

Joe Kaminkow, the Chief Game Designer, said that the slots offer a real-life experience to the player. He said that the game is being made available on Android in order to give players a full choice of platforms to enjoy the game on.

OCA News Editor