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Aspiring Rapper Shot Dead in Las Vegas Party

Aspiring Rapper Shot Dead in Las Vegas Party

Police in Las Vegas are searching for leads after an aspiring rapper was shot dead in a hotel suit. According to police the rapper, Evan Plunkett or “Hollywood Will” was shot in the chest after a fight began between him and three others during a party in the Palms Casino Resort’s Fantasy Tower.

Aspiring Rapper Shot Dead in Las Vegas Party

Evan Plunkett was shot dead during the filming of a music video at a party in the Palm Casino Resort’s Fantasy Tower.

Others involved in the fight left the suite before police arrived at the scene and no arrests have been made. Around 40 – 50 people were at the party. According to friends a music video was being filmed in the suite when the argument broke out.

A friend of Plunkett’s mother said, “There was an altercation. He was trying to get everybody to stop fighting.

Apparently, he took a shot to the chest.” The rapper’s brother also suffered multiple broken bones after trying to pull him out of the fight.

A friend of the victim, Randi Flippin, said, “It just amazes me that nobody knows anything. There is no suspect at all. There were only 50 people in the room and nobody knows anything? That’s insane to me.”

According to friends Plunkett was pursing his love of rap music in Las Vegas after returning from his time as an aviation mechanic for the Marines.

OCA News Editor