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Play Vegas Strip Blackjack The Right Way

Play Vegas Strip Blackjack The Right Way

Let’s face it, blackjack has been around for years and it is one of the most popular casino card games in the world.

Play Vegas Strip Blackjack The Right Way

If you are a Blackjack player and you want to put your skills to the test in Vegas, make sure you know how and where to play the game.

Its appeal for many is that it requires skill and this means that blackjack is not simply a game of fun.

If you are a regular blackjack player, then you already know that there are many rule variations to this game and Las Vegas is no different.

To start, blackjack is often referred to as Vegas strip blackjack and you can either play this online thanks to Microgaming and Real Time Gaming or you can hit the over 100 casinos found on the Vegas Strip or in downtown Vegas.

Before you pull out your wads of cash, let’s go over the rules of the game. In Vegas, blackjack is played with 4 x 52-card decks. Face cards are worth 10 points, cards 2 to 10 are worth their face value and the aces are worth 1 or 11. Insurance pays 2:1 and if you hit the Blackjack, you will be paid out 3:2.

Once you have your cards in hand, the player has a few choices. That is, they can double down on any two cards but only once, double down after splitting, either split up to 3 hands, split aces once or take insurance.

Before you get excited, if you split aces and you hit 21, this is not considered blackjack and you will be paid even money. If you hit a tie, this is a push which means your original bet will be returned to you, and no, you cannot surrender in Vegas!

If a dealer draws an ace or a 10-point card, they will peak for a blackjack and the dealer will always stand on a 17.

These are the basic rules but remember that each casino might have a slight variation so check this carefully before you start putting your money on the table.

In terms of which casino is best in Vegas,  your choices are unlimited so make sure to select one that suits your gaming style and always check the minimum bet amount as well as the house edge. Play safe!

OCA News Editor