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PJB Introduces Mobile and Tablet Skill Games

PJB Introduces Mobile and Tablet Skill Games

The latest HTML5 app, Dollar Candy, was recently launched by PJB Games.

PJB Introduces Mobile and Tablet Skill Games

Dollar Candy, a new HTML5 app from PJB Games, will enable players to play skill-based games on their tablet or mobile devices.

This app will enable the public to play 60-second games of skill from the comfort of their mobile or tablet devices.

The added benefit is that these games are legal.

While both skill games and luck games are played for money, online gambling is recognized as a luck-based game.

Because of this, 36 states have legalized online skill gambling whereas luck-based gambling is only legal in three states.

According to the CEO of PJB Games, Ian Ippolito, to date, the skill games market has been dominated by a small group of specialized gamers who usually spend hours on their PCs mastering these games. He further commented that these games are not readily available on mobile and are often susceptible to “computerized cheating”.

To prevent this, the Dollar Candy app has been designed to enable players to master the game in 20 seconds while the game only lasts 60 seconds. This short time frame will help to prevent robo-cheaters while still relying on human logic and skill sets to play these skill games.

Furthermore, Dollar Candy will only charge a 10-11% payout fee as opposed to the standard 15-45% fee charged on PC online skill games.

To remove the element of luck from Dollar Candy, all players in a tournament will get the same game board to even the playing field, players cannot purchase any tips or special powers to boost their advantage and also, no random events will occur which could impact the outcome of the game.

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